Wednesday, 9 September 2015

VMAs 2015!!!!!

MTV's Video Music Awards just happened, and let me tell you...IT WAS EVENTFUL!! Whether it was Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj starting the show with a huge bang or Miley Cyrus causing drama AS PER, it was a show not to be missed! Every year you see celebrities polishing their best shoes for this event and here's what I have to say about what some of the celebs wore...

NICKI MINAJ literally looked gold plated in this full length gown which made her look like an...oriental restaurant. 

 And BRITNEY oriental takeaway.

And MILEY tooks Sia's Chandelier lyrics too literally. 

There are no words. 
Ya lil nasty. 

I wore this exact outfit to uni a few times last year..awks.

The Q's and V's on Tay's playsuit stand for Queen Vanessa...

VANESSA HUDGENS stole the whole show with this beautifully embroidered dusty pink Naeem Khan gown. This Boho-chic Goddess put the rest of the celebrity clang to shame. Apart from Taylor, no one can ever put Swift to shame.

Want to know where you can get this look on the high street? Check for my latest post in the next couple of weeks where i'll be digging out all of the best rip offs and look a likes!

Juniloves x

Friday, 19 June 2015

3 Retailers You Never Knew Were So Stylish!

The last couple of years basically my whole wardrobe has either been from Topshop or RiverIsland with a few items here and there from other places. But recently I've been shopping around and finding fab items in the most unexpected places...

Marks and Spencers

Whenever I think of Marks and Spencer's I think of my Nana every weekend buying her weekly cotton top and linen trousers which has always put me of the idea of buying my wardrobe from there. Now don't get me wrong, some of the styles are dated but more than a few are surprisingly bang on trend and so chic! My lecturers always bang on about Marks and Sparks too as the quality of fabrics and production is well worth the money and arguably the best on the market!

Pleated A-line Skirt: £30
Print Bikini Top: £20
Block Heel: £50
Watch: £24

Cotton Rich Racer Top: £35
Skinny Jeans:£22
Leather Fringed Bag: £50
Lace Up Stiletto Sandal: £35



Most people steer away from supermarkets when it comes to fashion but some actually have some hidden gems that are half the price of other retailers! 

Blouse and Necklace Set: £14

Skinny Jeans: £12
Tassel Bag: £10
Woven Leather Cut-Out Shoes: £20

Top: £12

Kimono: £14
Jeans: £16
Sandals: £14



I don't know why but peacocks reminds me of my mum and there's nothing wrong with that but I don't particularly want to dress exactly the same as her so I've always pushed it to the side. But they're actually really good, especially for little summer dresses and sandals. Inlove with this off-shoulder dress, pair with sandals for a Grecian look.

Gypsy Dress: £16

Necklace: £5
Shoulder Bag: £15
Sandals: £12

Kimono Cardigan: £20

Dress: £14
Block Heel Sandals: £18
Sunglasses: £4

Happy Shopping

JuniLoves x

Trends You Won't Want To Miss This Summer!

Lace Fringe Hem Crop Top: £30
Suede Skirt: £75
Sandals: £52 
Watch: £75 
Lipstick: £8

Swap your leather for suede this season as pastel suedes are taking the run ways by storm. If you're unsure about what to pair it with, go for browns or other pastels! Alexander McQueen killed the runway with knee-high Gladiator sandals, you can too!

Coat: £65
Jeans: £35
Shirt: £28
Sunglasses: £16

The Trench Coat is back! Summer in England is so temperamental that you never know what's best to wear. I've just bought a light-weight trench to throw over any outfit and surprisingly it makes me feel rather sophisticated. 

Crochet Crop: £35
Embroidered Shorts: £25
Jelly Shoes: £12
Sunglasses: £16

Whether you're doing a season in Ibiza or taking a walk in the sun, Under-the-sea chiffon and Mermaid embellishment paired with pastels will keep you bang on trend this summer!

Thursday, 18 June 2015

That's why her hair is so big! It's full of secrets!

Like most people I've always wanted the complete opposite of my natural hair. My hair is so straight and flat it legit depresses me. I'd say so far in life I've spent about 40% just curling it.

People say 'ah your hair is so nice..can we swap?' Ummm YES TAKE IT. Having long hair is very time consuming, but the outcome is rewarding! Here's a couple of tips that I use everyday, on nights-out and just in general.

1. I always find that when I let my hair dry naturally it is always much flatter than when I blast my roots with a hair dryer

2. If you're going to curl your hair, curl it the day after you've washed it as it will hold better but still hold some volume from drying it

3. Try to use the widest tong you can find and go as close to your scalp as possible

4. When releasing the curl from the tong/wand try to let the curl drop off rather than pulling it away

5. When I've finished curling my whole head I give it a good once over with the hairspray and then use Batiste XXL Dry Shampoo on the roots to give it volume and body

6. Finally, this seems like an irrelevant tip but I NEVER leave the house without doing it as I personally think it makes all the difference - Tip your head upside down after using Batiste XXL and massage roots for approx 10 seconds and flick your head back up. I always find this last technique leaves my hair looking fresh and voluminous.

Wedding Season: Easy Glamorous Make-up.

With wedding season fast approaching I know how stressful it can be, not just for the Bride and Groom, but for the guests and the whole wedding party. My sister got married last summer and my brother is due to get married next summer. Both of which I am bridesmaid. Hiring a hair and make-up artist for the whole bridal party can be so expensive so I decided I would do my own and here's the products I used to get my look!

Lightly moisturise your face before starting to even out the skin 

Apply a layer of MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation using a foundation brush

Then, lightly brush it with MAC Mineralize SkinFinish Powder

Using Sleek Contour Kit, apply bronzer to your cheek bones, hair line and jawline

Crimp eyelashes and apply one layer of mascara

Then apply Primark eyelashes using the Eyelure glue

Apply another Layer of Mascara

From the Centre of your eye, Eye-line along the edge of Eye-lash to cover any glue and Wing at end

Use an angular eyebrow brush to lightly dab on eyebrow powder in a slight arch. I use MUA Brow Kit from Superdrug for £3

Finally, apply a Layer of MAC Up The Amp for your lips

For my hair, I washed it the night before to make sure it wasn't too soft to play with.

To create big volume curls I used the Babyliss Curling Wand and tried to use the thicker end of the wand for the most part. I then lightly sprayed it with Elnette and finally used a generous helping of Batiste XXL Dry Shampoo on the roots and rubbed it in to give it extra volume. 

Happy Wedding Season!

Quick and Easy Looks!

If in doubt..a high-wasted skirt and a fitted t-shirt or baggy blouse can never go wrong.

Skirt: Topshop
Long sleeve cropped T: Topshop
Turtle Neck: Topshop
Skirt: Topshop
Bag: Primark
Heeled Boots
Playsuit: Glamorous/Topshop 
Heels: Newlook

Pair any of these outfits with some converse or heeled boots to get a chic day-time look or smart casual night.

5 Products I Couldn't Live Without!

Ok, so, you've spent your pocket money, wages and now your student loan on beauty products that claim to turn you into Kendall Jenner over night. But, oh dear, it seems Ugly Betty has been Tuned for another series in your bedroom. I get it, it's hard trying to keep up with the latest must-have beauty looks. One week it's purple lips the next its beehive hair. But there's 5 items that, now I have found them, I will never change again! Even better, they don't break the bank. 

1. P.S Love Lashes (Aka Primark

If anyone knows the struggle with getting fuller and longer lashes it's me. I'm half Chinese which basically means my eyelashes are 2mm stubs of grey. I began wearing fake lashes a few years ago. I always bought Eyelure but £5 a pack seemed extremely extortionate and unfair, especially since I always lose them after wearing them once. But the God of all Retail Shops answered our prayers, Primark! I always go for Sultry as they're not over dramatic and seem to apply easier than the other styles. You also get glue in the pack but I use Eyelure glue from Boots/Superdrug for like £2.50 for a big bottle and I get exactly the same look. I reuse the Lashes 3 times before starting a new pack (providing I don't lose them) And they're only a pound! 

2. W.I.P Nail Varnish (Urban Outfitters) 

Painting your nails is fun, but the novelty soon wears off when they chip every other day and you find yourself scrubbing and re-polishing every week. It's hard work being a girl. But Urban Outfitters is here to save the day! I don't usually buy beauty products from Clothes Shops as I'm always weary that they'll be cheap crap as it's not their field of specialty but, I was pleasantly surprised when I tried out UB's Nail Varnish. The first time I wore it, it lasted 3 whole weeks, with only a couple of chips in the last week or so. They have hundreds of Summer Pastels, Metallics and Glittery colours to fit with any occasion. They're 2 for £10 which may sound expensive, but it's defiantly well worth your money and the bottles are larger than ordinary varnish bottles so you get your moneys worth and more!

3. Studio Sculpt Foundation (MAC) 

Guilty, It did cost me £25. But one bottle of this liquid miracle lasts an extremely long time, with my last bottle lasting over a year! Not only that, it's light but gives you a fresh flawless complexion that lasts all day. It's well worth the investment. 

4. Tan Organic Self-Tanning Oil

I love being tanned. But the hassle of Fake Tanning twice a week, smelling of curry and biscuits and risking looking like a tiger-skin weirdo is all too much. I got a tester of this Tan in one of my BirchBoxes a couple of months ago. I only used a drizzle and it covered both legs and I woke up golden! It smells delicious when you first apply it but after a day or so it starts to smell like Fake Tan, but no where near as strong as other tans i've used. It doesn't go streaky and dries instantly! 100% the best tan I have ever used and has banished all the problems I once had with fake tanning! I bought mine on Amazon for £21.

5. Batiste XXL Dry Shampoo

Basically, I have a fat face so having voluminous hair is extremely important to me. I tried different techniques like back combing but it's not ideal when a little bit of wind starts and you get home after a long day, look in the mirror, and realise you've had giant knotted devil horns all day. I use dry shampoo anyway as my hair gets greasy very quickly, but the Batiste XXL Dry Shampoo works so well with banishing the greasy look and adding volume in the right places! It's so easy to use and takes 30 seconds in the morning!